Moodle UI hacking

I’ve been doing my own little bit of user interface hacking on Moodle for work, since the layout we had before (below) didn’t work well for our purposes; specifically, the issue we had was with the “Enrolment (remote) database fields” section, which is supposed to map values from a remote database tables into Moodle’s local database tables so that students can be automatically enrolled in courses.  Before, the screen looked like this:


My user interface tweaks below include a new mapping category done by our in-house web developer Lucian DiPeso so that the full name of the course could also be used locally.  The new section, relabelled “Data Mapping”, has eight text fields instead of the original six for precisely this reason.


The only issue with this layout change is that the help text on the right-hand side of the new table isn’t in line with the rest of the help text on the screen, which I expect to correct soon.

There is one other change that we will be implementing on this screen, but that won’t generate as substantial a user interface change as our need to re-envision the data mapping portion did.

We do intend to commit these changes back to the Moodle core, but we’ll see whether they are accepted or not (this won’t be done until we’re absolutely sure the code changes required across several Moodle files are completed).

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