The Fog Dissolves

“…careful the morning lest it wake from slumber the city half-encumbered by the morning mist…”

— John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, though it has not been a while since I have blogged; my silence here was by choice. I felt, for a while, that I had little to share. Of course, this was never true. It merely represented the same funk all writers – or, at least, all those who claim to be writers – go through. Not writer’s block, merely disinterest. I did not take the time to distill the vapor of my thoughts into something more coherent.

In short, the mists shrouded this space; the city – if literary license will grant me a brief nod and a blog can be called a city of works – slumbered. Indeed, it is still half-encumbered by these morning mists, not entirely vibrant, not entirely self-aware. It will require some effort and investment on the part of its ownership – me – to decide that it will again awaken, bustling with promise.

In the silence, many things changed. I have grown and moved again, from the Tri-Cities of Washington to my undergraduate stomping grounds of Olympia, Washington. I now work for the Washington State Administrative Office of the Courts as a Systems Integrator, basically a fancy way of saying that I try to make systems that work (less integration, really, and more function). The more proper term would be “Software Developer” or “Web Developer”.

Somehow I haven’t quite gotten away from government, though my governmental involvement has varied. I have served public education institutions in Washington State, serving out my masters’ degree internship at what was then the Washington State Department of Information Services (since split into the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services and Washington State Consolidated Technology Services). I then moved to the federal level as an employee of a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy, Battelle, which manages Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. I have now returned to Olympia to work with the judiciary branch.

I cannot promise you, reader, that this awakening will last; indeed, this may be nothing more than the equivalent of one getting up from bed long enough to get a drink of water. I would hope, though, that this stretches out longer: that we walk downstairs together, get a cup of coffee, and discuss the events of the day over breakfast.

I stretch the metaphor, but metaphors are nothing if they cannot brush off the wisps of meaning and metamorphose into something else, as the fog will lift to reveal new days.

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