Old Blog Post

I wrote this for a class project around SharePoint in Fall, and I’m deleting the site, but it’s almost too good to let go of:

I Have “Blog Block”

There’s all this effort going into trying to figure out what I’m supposed to blog about. Drat it, I have no topic ideas. None. Zip. Nada.

And that, ironically, brings me to my topic – writer’s block. Writer’s block is a significant problem for many writers, especially in academic environments where the stakes are high. I suggest several ways of getting out of writer’s block:

  • Don’t write (at least not for a while) – give your brain time to recharge.
  • Consider freewriting for a set period of time – say, 20 minutes. Even if all you do is write the phrase “I have no topic” endlessly, at least you’re writing. When freewriting, don’t stop writing for any reason (unless your life depends on it – your house burning down around your ears is a good reason to stop).
  • Create a community of writers. Perhaps you’re not the only one experiencing writer’s block. Talk to others who might be having the same problem.

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