Two-Wheeled Politics

Well, you can probably file this under the who-gives-a-rats-patootie department: Bush and Kerry ride two different kinds of bikes, both expensive. Apparently, the New York Times has nothing better to report on.

Then again, nor do I.

The article makes the suggestion that the bikes that these two presidential candidates ride are indicative of some of their political strategies. The article states that “Mr. Bush likes to ride up into the hills of his Texas ranch and then come flying down”. There’s an easy parallel here — Bush was entirely working uphill to get a war in Afghanistan and Iraq, fighting against the United Nations Security Council and others who weren’t in favor of it. When he finally started the war with Iraq, based on claims that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, he was flying high. His entire campaign for the war took a nose dive, however, when those claims failed to come true to date. This is only one example, which, I’m sure, could be attributed to his tax cuts, environmental policy, and any host of other things.

Note that I haven’t done this for Kerry. This isn’t because I support Kerry one way or another, but because I know nothing about him. Obviously, this makes it hard to draw parallels. Perhaps I should’ve watched his speech to the Democratic Convention in Boston a little more carefully. If someone who knows a lot about Kerry would like to try to draw parallels here, let me know.

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