The Last Two Days

Well, I just got back from spending two days in Olympia sitting through meetings. It was nice-bordering-on-uncomfortable weather – 88 degrees Fahrenheit late Thursday afternoon. Quite nice for me, though some seemed to suffer. It’s nice to be home after sitting through all that information and discussion about information and agenda planning. I have to go all the way back down on July 1st and 2nd. More of the same, I’m afraid, though to say I’m not enjoying myself tremendously would be a lie.

I spent a lot of the time reading Barbara Kingsolver’s The Poisonwood Bible, which I’ve read part of before but never read in full. I finally decided that I might as well read the dratted book so I know what it’s about and can claim I’ve waded through its 500+ pages. It really is quite an engaging piece of work � I’ve always enjoyed Kingsolver’s novels, particularly Prodigal Summer. I’m hoping that this summer doesn’t mean death to my reading habits, as it has been in the past due to academic burn-out. Of course, these habits would necessarily pick up again next academic year, but I do so little recreational reading now that it’s almost embarrassing.


On an unrelated note (or maybe related, if you consider my hobbies), I’m still really enjoying using my laptop now. I can watch DVDs, compile documents, screw around on the Web, and read e-mail with relative impunity. I only wish I had my girlfriend with me – she opted out of coming down this weekend, although she didn’t need to and would’ve been completely welcome. She always is. (Yes, that is a hidden message. Whoops.)

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