Spring 2008 Class Registration

I’ve now registered for Spring, which makes my Thursdays really freaking long, but that’s alright. The lineup is as follows, for 13 credits total. Descriptions are taken from the UW Course Catalog:

  • IMT 520A: Information Services and Resources (Metoyer, 4 credits)
    Description: Concepts, processes, and skills of information involving creation, production, distribution, selection, collection, and services to facilitate access. Analysis of the information mediation process, including determining information needs; searching for, evaluation and presentation of appropriate results; and modalities for delivery of services.
  • IMT 541A: Principles of Database & Semi-Structured Data Systems (Boiko, 5 credits)
    Description: Introduction of database management systems for teh storage and access of structured and semi-structured information. Examines the relational model, Structured Query Language (SQL), Entity-Relationship modeling, database design methodology ) conceptual, logical, and physical design), and Extensible Markup Language (XML) for storage, retrieval, and interchange. Prerequisite: IMT 540.
  • IMT 582A: Strategic Planning and Evaluation (Coker, 4 credits)
    Description: Studies and applies strategic information initiatives within an organization, including: readiness assessment, organizational mandates, information inventories, content management, information audits, and information architecture initiatives. Focuses on building business cases for and leading information initiatives in organizations.

It should be an interesting quarter, since I’m not sure at this point how these will end up connecting together (which is something that isn’t always obvious – another post on that later, more than likely).

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