Career Goals

Even though this is posted on my internal wiki, I figured I’d post it here for posterity.

This document outlines my personal career goals as they currently stand, as well as related academic goals that inform these goals.

General Goals

  1. Apply my personal mantra, “everything is interconnected”, to information management and sustainability and understand how these fields infiltrate and influence everyday decisions.
  2. Work in a collaborative rather than an isolated environment.
  3. When possible, incite change. When impossible, make possible.

Academic Goals

  1. Serve as teaching assistant for an undergraduate course.
  2. Assist in the learning process of my fellow students; learning is not competition.

Topic-Specific Goals: Information Management

  1. Understand how information is ethically and professionally handled and embody these standards in my own work.
  2. Understand the paradigms behind information organization.
  3. Actively consider issues of information fragmentation, information overload, and information sustainability.
  4. Place human use of information first.
  5. Promote information accessibility.
  6. Participate in relevant national professional associations.

Topic-Specific Goals: Environmental Sustainability

  1. Significantly contribute to thinking and dialog about environmental sustainability and environmental policy.
  2. Understand the relationship between information and sustainable action.
  3. Promote corporate and public environmental stewardship.
  4. Recognize that sustainability is not achieved in a void. Promote cross-political and interdisciplinary sustainable initiatives.

    “I never saw a Democratic mountain or a Republican glacier.” – Daniel J. Evans

  5. Influence organizational thinking and action around sustainable ideals.

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