MSIM Winter Electives

My approach to the MSIM program thus far has been to select courses that sound interesting and fun.  I didn’t enter into the program with any particular final goals – I don’t have an answer to “What do you want to be” yet (though the scope has been narrowed a bit).  It’s time to consider electives for next quarter, which currently involves the following list.  Mike Crandall, the head of the MSIM program, suggested at some point also taking some policy courses from the Evans School or the Program on the Environment to incorporate some of the sustainability stuff I had mentioned in my application, so some of those courses are also reflected below:

  • IMT 546A, Data Communications and Networking (4 credits)
    Sat 8:30 – 3:20, five class meetings total
  • LIS 559, Special Topics in the Social Context of Information (1-4 credits)
    Tue 9:30-12:20
  • INFO 498, Special Topics in Informatics: Programming Semantic Structures (1-5 credits)
    Tue/Thu 11:00-12:20
  • PB AF 506, Ethics and Public Policy (3 credits)
    Wed 9:30-12:20

This is in addition to the required courses:

  • IMT 530, Organization of Information Resources (4 credits)
    Tue/Thu 1:30 – 3:20
  • IMT 580, Management of Information Organizations (4 credits)
    Mon/Wed 1:30 – 3:20

Just to provide a visual structure for how all these interrelate:

Potential Schedule W08 

Other relevant courses from the Evans School and the Program on the Environment: 

  • ENVIR 416 Ethics and Climate Change (5)
    Conflicts with required course for Winter.
  • PB AF 590 Environmental Policy Processes (3)
    Not offered Winter.
  • PB AF 593 United States Energy Policy (3) 
    Not offered Winter.
  • PB AF 596 Ethics and Values in Environmental and Natural Resource Policy (3) 
    Conflicts with required course for Winter.

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