What’s been going on with my bus?

I think I finally figured out what’s been going on with Metro’s route 372 (Woodinville P&R to University of Washington) in the mornings. Before today, I always made it out to the stop by about 8:25AM or so and managed to catch the bus about 8:30AM, which got me on campus on time for work at 9. However, yesterday, I got stuck waiting until 8:40, which made me ten minutes late for work.

Of course, this prompted a check of the time schedules Metro posts for that route – there are two arrivals: one at 8:15AM and one at 8:40AM (the 8:15 is the one I took in this morning, which was on time). So why was it that standing there at 8:25 let me catch the 372 at 8:30? Either the 8:15 ran 15 minutes late for over a month (I started riding in July, and yesterday was the first time I got stung), or the 8:40 was/is chronically 10 minutes early. Either way, this is completely against their time schedules and led me to think that it was actually an 8:30 bus.

Good going, Metro.