Autumn 2007 Registration

The Information School finally sent along some paperwork today for registration and providing some general information on stuff like orientation (yay). I immediately sent in my registration, just to get it out of the way, so I’m registering for the following:

IMT 500 A: The Information Management Framework (1 credit, credit/no credit mode)
Instructor: Mike Crandall

IMT 501 A: Technology Foundations for Information Professionals (3 credits)
Instructor: Barbara Endicott-Popovsky

IMT 510 A: Human Aspects of Information Systems (4 credits)
Instructor: Cheryl Metoyer

IMT 540 A: Design Methods for Interaction and Systems (4 credits)
Instructor: Jacob Wobbrock

Course descriptions are available here.

It’ll take a few days for UW Educational Outreach (which administers registration for the MSIM program) to get the form via snail mail and process it. This is probably my biggest gripe at this point – the MSIM program doesn’t register through the University itself per se, and since I’m receiving financial aid, I have to register by snail mail, since they require a payment agreement form that basically allows me to hold off paying tuition until financial aid is disbursed.

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