Moving to Seattle

June 29th, we move out of Olympia and make our home in a one-bedroom apartment at Solara, a complex along Lake City Way, about a 20 minute Metro ride from the University of Washington. Soon, I will also be starting a new job at the University of Washington Information School as a part-time SharePoint Administrator – I’ll post the job description shortly.

Of course, on top of that, I’m also in the Information School’s Master of Science in Information Management program, starting in September. I haven’t registered yet (and actually haven’t heard anything on whether I’m even supposed to register, despite having a time ticket), so I have no idea what classes I’m in – in general, I’m just waiting for the iSchool to give me more information, since I’m sorely lacking any knowledge beyond the fact that I’m now a UW student with a job.

We’re in the process of finding a moving company to get all of our stuff from point “A” to point “B”, so more on that later, hopefully.

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