If the Trailer’s Rockin’….

Interesting. We’re apparently waiting for a long, slow, beautiful earthquake in order to predict when the next disastrous earthquake hits the Pacific Northwest (Washington State, of course, included).

I do, of course, remember the Nisqually Earthquake that occurred back in 2001 during my senior year in high school and which heavily damaged the Capitol Dome down here in Olympia, while also causing major damage in downtown Olympia itself and on Evergreen’s campus (not to mention Seattle and a number of places within a fixed radius of the epicenter itself). That was a 30-second log quake which measured as a 6.8 on the scale. I was right in the middle of my Studio I class in one of the newer buildings on my high school campus, which is why I remember it.

Here’s hoping we don’t get anything that catastrophic anytime soon. I value my sanity, and an earthquake wouldn’t help that out much.

Edit (5/25/2004): Shame on me as a writing tutor. I don’t know what a log quake is, but it was definitely a long quake. Amanda suggests that it’s “when a tree’s scared”. I think that’s woodpeckers, myself.

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