Graduation has come and gone (and there’s a number of photos provided by my friend Galen Zink of Zink Consulting for your viewing pleasure). The walking (and waiting!) is over, the sunburns have subsided, the celebratory toasts are done, and I probably won’t have to ever do a graduation on the Evergreen campus again. That said, it was a fairly decent graduation. We had Governor Gregoire as our graduation speaker – she gave graduaton speech #33, which wasn’t too bad, but wasn’t great either (it sounded almost word-for-word like this one). The faculty speaker, Jose Gomez, was much more moving and interesting. The undergraduate speaker was completely inappropriate, but his point was taken – his style of delivery was highly questionable. The graduate speaker was mercifully short, but the awarding of degrees took the better part of an hour and a half or so to get to me because of where I was placed in the undergraduate seating. Well, they finally did get me to walk the stage, and I’m sure I have a very interesting photo in the mail of me standing with Governor Gregoire and Les Purce – we’ll see when that shows up.

All in all, I’m glad it’s done. I look forward to receiving my official Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree in the coming weeks, but it will likely take a while, since my faculty evaluations probably won’t post to my student records for another week or so. I’ll know they’ve posted when I get my copies at home.

Amanda and I promptly retreated to Bellingham, where we’ve been since Sunday. We return Monday (morning, hopefully), and I resume my job search then.

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