The phrase that pops into my head at this moment is “to sleep, perchance to dream”. This is part of the famous soliloquy from Hamlet – Hamlet begins with “To be or not to be, that is the question”. This particular soliloquy addresses Hamlet’s thoughts on the mortality of man; it comes to me here not because of that, but because of the capacity of a writer to rest in order to better understand and revisit his craft.

A lot has happened in (literally) the last month, and I will likely blog a bunch of stuff individually. I’ve been spending the week since Evergreen’s graduation collecting my thoughts and resting from the large amounts of work that I undertook right at the end of last quarter. Suffice it to say, I am now an Evergreen graduate, though I have not yet officially been awarded a degree. I’m waiting for my last 48 credits to post, but I know I got at least 44 of them from Student Originated Software, and I expect that the remaining four from Senior Seminar will post with no problems. It will likely be a couple weeks before I actually see a degree or final evaluations in the mail.

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