Libby Arrives!

Libby has arrived in her new home as of about 4:30 or so today, completely knocked out by the anesthesia she was given. However, she didn’t actually have any surgery. Apparently, while the vet was prepping her to be spayed, they discovered a previous scar that suggested that she had been spayed previously. When we picked her up, she yowled rather plaintively when we put her in the car, but then went right back to sleep. She started waking up an hour or so after she got home, but she’s still somewhat numb – she’s not walking in a very coordinated way, and it’s obvious that she has yet to regain feeling in her tail, since it’s dragging on the ground. She’s already dragged it through her water dish twice without even noticing!

The vet did notify us that she needed an additional treatment for distemper in a couple weeks, and also that they had detected signs of tapeworm and had already treated her for it. She also needs to have some drugs to prevent ringworm, which need to be given in the next day or so, so Amanda and I will need to go to the grocery store and get some deworming medicine. We have scheduled her initial vet appointment with a Dr. Mitchell at the Westside Olympia Animal Hospital on Harrison – I may report back on that visit in a few weeks.

She’s a very gentle and currently somewhat timid cat. We have her downstairs in our combination guest bathroom and laundry room, and we’ve been alternating between leaving her alone and visiting her. She has discovered that she’s small enough to fit behind our washer and drier, and she crawls behind it, then peeks out at us from the little crack between the machines. The crack is big enough that it almost looks like she could fit through it, and she has tried, but alas, she must go around, then jump over herself to get back out! She was also very tolerant of my camera and our attention – hence the photo. I have yet to hear a peep out of her beyond her initial yowl in the car, but Amanda claims she’s meowed twice.

She’s going to be an indoor cat – many thanks to Sean to reinforcing my suspicion that confining her during the times we’re gone isn’t a bad idea. This is part of the initial introduction of a cat to a home anyway – give them a limited territory, then gradually allow them to expand that territory. That may not work too well in a place like this where most of the house has an open layout, but we’ll let her roam in a day or two after she’s adjusted to using her litter box and where her supplies are.

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