Bush as Puppet

‘Nuff said.

Don’t read the extended entry before you look at the link :)

The scary part is that CNN’s editors should have caught that sort of a blatant error… and still haven’t as of this posting…

Note: from a writing tutor perspective, this is really the kind of thing I watch out for, and I’m a freaking college senior! Jeez.

The correct grammatical usage to get across CNN’s intended meaning should have been:

The decision, described by aides on condition of anonymity, was an election-year embarrassment for both the Republicans, who control Congress, and President Bush. It came just hours after Bush met privately with GOP lawmakers at the Capitol and urged them to push the 2005 budget through the Senate.

Note the commas. Ah, media at its best.

(I’ve archived this as a screenshot for future proof that this did, in fact, happen. Look here.)

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