Class Progress and Musings

The last two couple of weeks in Student Originated Software have consisted of a lot of stress where it didn’t belong. I think part of this is because I’m still very overwhelmed from summer, but another part of it has to do with my own level of personal engagement with the material, which, at least for some portions of the class, is nonexistent.

I’m basically feeling like I’m getting nothing out of specific parts of the program other than a lot of frustration. I’m just plain not interested in the programming component, which is what I’ve realized over the last couple weeks, but the object oriented analysis and design, seminar, and project stuff is interesting. I’m actually in the middle of trying to chase down the possibility of submitting a software development project on behalf of the Writing Center, which I could get really excited about.

I think I could very well be a very engaged member of SOS, but I’m also feeling like there’s way too much on my plate academically — I’m only enrolled for 16 credits, and I’m not happy with my own engagement and interest in the program which is being clouded severely.

It’s a great program, but I need a little less academia in my life right now in order to pull this quarter off. I haven’t even started to consider whether I’m remaining for the entire year or not. This is dependent upon whether programming continues to be a central part of the credit allocation or whether it becomes an integral part of the projects. I think I’d do a lot better at the programming side of the program if it were self-driven.