Prius Experiences for 6/25

I went out to Evergreen and took a whole bunch of pictures today while parked in a mostly empty parking lot. Those pictures (perhaps an overly extensive set) are located here. I appear to be falling victim to the Prius Owner Photo-Taking Syndrome, which has affected some other Prius owners as well. Of course, more photos will be forthcoming.

Last night, I went ahead and popped a CD into the audio system, knowing I would be taking photos this morning. The sound quality is really quite good, and since I had to turn the car on to pop the CD in last night, the music started right up when I turned her on this morning.

The drive over had one semi-long wait — the Evergreen Parkway is being repaved, and they picked this weekend to do a very large stretch of that work. So I ended up driving through a construction zone to get to the lot so I could take my pictures. After taking the pictures, I went out next to the Library Loop and noticed that that was closed too. I decided to avoid construction and go out towards Highway 101.

There’s a roundabout now where there used to be a couple of turn lanes — this was kind of a waste of money, since it also included taking a four-lane road down to a two-lane road. Anyway, going out towards the highway, there was a very large pipe ditch that apparently never got covered. I slowed way the hell down so that I wouldn’t accidentally set off the airbag system by hitting the forward edge, rolled forward, and got stuck. Thankfully, a good press on the gas pedal got me out of it, but it shocked me that there was even something there to get stuck in. Steel plates, anyone? Detours, maybe?

I did check the Prius when I got home to make sure that that little encounter with a road-width ditch didn’t damage the car. Thankfully, no damage visible.

As I keep driving this car, I’ve noticed that my nervousness surrounding driving is starting to slowly drain off. Chalk that up to both experience and having a car that’s really fun to drive. More later.

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