Vacation Goodness

I go home this afternoon to visit my parents. This is basically the only summer break I’m really going to get, which I’m actually okay with — most other summer breaks, for me, have just been sitting around doing very little.

Admittedly, I will still have plenty of opportunities to do just that, since I’m technically only working 10 hours/week. Of course, that doesn’t include any of my web design clients outside of Evergreen, so I’ll probably end up doing more like 12-15, depending upon whether I try to land any new clients or not.

Of course, I probably will try to land new clients, though I’m probably not going to be looking for any huge projects. If anyone reading this needs work done, feel free to contact me.

On a Prius-related note, Toyota of Kirkland had not one, not two, but three used 2004s listed yesterday (which has since gone down to two). It’s a shame that they’re all $26,850 and up, or I’d so be all over it. Same with the one 2002 Prius sitting at Titus Will in Tacoma — $18,000, I think they told me. Still way outside my meager price range.

One can dream. Speaking of that, I should think about sleep, but will probably write something more.

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