Graduation Application and Evaluations

I went in and turned in my graduation application today. The woman at the Registration and Records desk knew why immediately, asking me whether I was applying for a BS. The answer is essentially yes, though it’s actually the BA and BS combined. The requirements for that are 225 credits with at least 90 of the final 135 earned at Evergreen, which include 72 credits of science, math and computer science, of which at least 48 are upper division. At the moment, I have 22 upper division credits, only 8 of them in computer science. No biggie — I stand to get an additional 48 upper division computer science credits through Student Originated Software.

Thus, my BS is obviously in Computer Science. I’m sticking with the idea of having my BA in Writing, since I’ve done enough of it within the last four years. That’s an easy argument to support.

I also went in and had the second part of my evaluation appointment. I should be getting 4 upper division writing credits out of the 8 credits total for that contract. Cool.

Only another year left…

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