It’s not official yet (shhh…), but I’ve been hired at the Writing Center for 10 hours/week this summer, with the possibility of adding on more hours as the summer goes on. This is good in that it at least gives me some sort of job, but obviously, the hours are a bit lacking. The problem being that any other work needs to come from off-campus resources due to the fact that institutional positions are limited to 19 hours/week by law.

Not to worry — bosses to the rescue! The Writing Center director is a very cool woman. She offered to put some feelers out to some resources she has in the community, including a design firm that might be willing to take me on for summer employment. She might also be able to send some design accounts my way.


On a semi-related note, I submitted an electronic copy of my résumé to Paguirigan, a branding and design firm with an office downtown. They aren’t hiring, but I figured it was worth a shot anyway. That and the domain name they use is just too attractive to me!

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