Cable and Car Goodness

No, not cable car goodness, cable and car goodness.


Comcast Cable
We had Comcast high-speed internet hooked up when we first moved in, but we didn’t get TV service with that. Amanda and I finally decided to add in limited cable access a couple days ago. We had been told by the manager of our apartment complex that nobody got cable unless they explicitly ordered it from Comcast. Operating from this assumption, we put a call in.

Apparently, our complex has a bulk account that allows us to get basic cable for free, though nobody at Comcast seemed to know what to do about it. After being transferred four or five times, we finally got someone who knew what they were doing and scheduled a service call for Monday, May 2 in order to figure out why our TV wasn’t picking up the signal.

A technician apparently came by yesterday, since there was a work summary sheet under our door when we got home. But of course, nothing is without snafus — when the technician fixed the TV, he screwed over the cable internet.

One more phone call to Comcast.

Thus, another technician came out this morning and fixed it so that both the TV and the internet work. We now enjoy cable internet/TV goodness at the same time, rather than just one or the other but not both.

My opinion of Comcast has historically been very bad, since they don’t seem to be able to do anything straight without at least three different attempts. My feelings in that respect were mollified slightly when the technician who stopped by this morning called personally later on to confirm that the work corrected the problem. I, of course, thanked him for calling, and it is working properly.

Car Goodness
My parents decided that I’ll be getting my mom’s 2004 Subaru Forester and that she’ll be shopping for another new car. Thus, my hunt is over, though I’ll have to wait a while in order to pick the car up from home. Though, of course, that makes me responsible for gas, maintenance, etc. I won’t have it in time to go to Port Townsend, but probably sometime in the next couple weeks or so.


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