Over the course of the quarter, as I’ve continued to judge the amount of work required for my program (The Novel: Life and Form), I’ve found myself having to make time adjustments accordingly. In addition to class, I also work in the Writing Center, do client work for naturalaxis, serve on the Enrollment Coordination Committee, and serve on the Enrollment Growth DTF. By far, the part of all that work that has taken the biggest hit is my Writing Center work.
I started out the quarter working 13 hours a week — 4 on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, and 5 on Thursday, I rapidly found that I had to drop the 5 hours on Thursday, bringing me down to 8 hours a week. Then, just today, I decided that I needed to drop that down even further, eliminating my Monday shift and shortening my Tuesday shift from four hours to three. So I’m now only working 3 hours a week for the Writing Center, in addition to all my other work.
The Enrollment Growth DTF has now completed its request for enrollment proposals from the campus community, which resulted in no fewer than 44 proposals sitting on my desk for review, averaging about 5 pages each. All these need to be read by the next meeting during the first week of Feburary, so I’m going to be hustling over the weekend to read all of them. I’ve also got a presentation on monday about John Singer Sargent, the American painter originally born in Florence in 1856. The very next day, there’s a paper due on one of our books — I forget which.
Ain’t life grand?

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