Fedora Core 3 Fine-Tuning

I had to add in the MySQL server, since it wasn’t installed properly:

yum install mysql-server

As root on my Fedora Core 3 partition, since SETI@Home, mysqld, and spamd weren't starting properly:

service setiathome start
service mysqld start
service spamassassin start
chkconfig spamassassin reset
chkconfig mysqld reset
chkconfig setiathome reset

Windows XP Install

I've also installed Windows XP Professional on my other partition with Adobe Photoshop 6, Adobe Acrobat 6, Araneae 5 Public Beta, Microsoft Word 2000, and Mozilla Firefox 1,0, and ZoneAlarm Professional. The partition has something like 1.5GB left out of the 4GB allotted, and that's without running any major Windows Update programs. I still have to add in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX to round out the selection.

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