Fedora Core 3 Reinstall

Apparently, the Fedora Core 3 upgrade didn’t work out quite as well as it should have — flashing the installation with the most recently available packages didn’t work well and stopped me from logging into X.

So I figured, since I have to repartition anyway, I might as well set up a fresh Fedora Core 3 install. Not my ideal solution, since it meant I had to back stuff up, which, without a network connection, took a while, but got done.

I repartitioned the drive, reinstalled Fedora Core 3, then picked up the display drivers for my GeForce 2 Go video card. Once downloaded, I installed the drivers and restarted X, then reconfigured my display.

From there, I ran the instructions for updating Yum from the Fedora Core 3 Installation Notes, then executed yum update to safely update the system software.

From there:

yum -y install pine
yum -y install libdvdcss
yum -y install xine xine-lib xine-lib-devel
yum -y install apt
yum -y install synaptic
yum -y install blogtk fortune fortune-bofh-excuses fortune-hitchhiker fortune-tao

DVD playback works fine, but I can't currently play back MPGs, AVIs, WMVs, or any other movie file. The wireless card I have now works again -- changing some settings to optimize the wireless connection actually screwed over the connection, so that's fixed.

Apparently, xine will play MPG/AVI/WMV fine but Totem won't. I discovered that there are two versions of Totem -- one that uses the xine engine and one that uses a separate engine. I installed the proper version, like so:

yum remove totem
yum install totem-xine

Works just fine. Seems like most of my problems are solved, though others will doubtlessly come up.

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