Hearing Protein: WebMD Article

I decided to run a Google search on the new hearing protein that was recently found and pulled up this WebMD article, which suggests that the protein could be useful in as little as 5-10 years:

For instance, the finding could lead to new gene therapies for deafness and balance problems, since people with those conditions may have a mutated form of the gene that makes TRPA1.

Such developments on hearing could come “in the next five to 10 years,” says Jeffrey Holt, University of Virginia assistant professor of neuroscience and otolaryngology (and G�l�oc’s husband), in a news release.

There’s also a slightly more technical, but interesting, article from Medical News Today, available here.

I’m considering the question of whether I would even want my hearing restored that way, even to a small degree. I’ll write more on this in a few days. I’ve also activated a Google News Alert on TRPA1 to keep abreast of articles.

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