The Weekend and Monday Update Bonanza!

How ironic. Now that I’m with a cable internet connection, I haven’t bothered to post. Figures.

The big news: Oh, my God, Betty, he can assemble furniture! Okay, this isn’t the big news, but yeah — I can, in fact, assemble furniture. I assembled my new stepping bookcase when it arrived on Friday — took an hour or two, but it was fun. Listened to Clint Black in the process (“Eww”, I can hear some of you say, “Clint Black…” Yes. Get over it) — it hasn’t fallen apart yet.

In other news, I spent all of Thursday and Friday on campus doing web site work for the Writing Center. Somehow, I also served as a moving man, helping one of my supervisors move a bookshelf from the depths of the library’s storage cages (which I’ve never been to before) into his office. It’s cavernous down there. We weren’t actually in the tunnel system that connects most of upper campus together, but the connection into the tunnel system was probably nearby. Nevertheless, cool experience.

Spent all of Saturday helping Amanda move in, and got my cable internet and lunch in return. Amanda was nice enough to bring her desktop over so that I could run the Comcast install, which didn’t take long — after that, just cloning her ethernet card’s hardware address onto my router ensured my connection. I did a lot of running back and forth on Saturday, bringing her ethernet cables and stuff. We went out to dinner at Apollo’s Pizza and Pasta down the road, since we didn’t want to brave the annoyingly long lines at the Greenery (the campus cafeteria).

Sunday was mostly just reading and fiddling around until Amanda showed up around 2:00. We went over to Target, shop-ified, and came back here, then back to her dorm at around 6:30. I spent the night over there (though I admit to wondering if her roommate really approved of it), then came back with her this afternoon. My roommate’s here (finally), so it’s a bit of an adjustment. Amanda left after a while, since she had Orientation Week stuff she wanted to attend tomorrow. I’ll see her again at the Writing Center retreat on Wednesday.

Not much else to say — I’ve been working on a draft article regarding the Enrollment Growth DTF for the Cooper Point Journal, which I’ll be presenting to the DTF Wednesday afternoon. We’ll see if they like it. Other than that, it’s mostly just attempting to relax and not go batty with the possibility of an insanely hectic schedule.

Yet another year is nearly upon us.

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