The Washington Trails Association is a wonderful organization working to preserve hiking trails across Washington State by a variety of means, including volunteerism. As someone who has recently begun to engage the organization as a work crew volunteer, I've found myself wishing for certain functionality that is currently lacking in their online work party signups.

I decided to redesign the WTA signup page below to demonstrate how to make it clearer and more actionable for volunteers so that they can understand their options and the available rewards.

[Original Signup Page]

The same trip is located on the volunteer work party list, colored orange as an overnight trip (this becomes important later):

[Trip List Entry]

My goals were to:

These mockups imply functionality that does not exist and may not be supported by the current framework used to manage volunteer signups and work parties.

Signing Up
Signing up for a work party on the trip description page right now requires locating a call to action at the top and bottom of the current page. While this works, there are a few weak points with this particular description page:

[Original Signup Page]

The redesign adds more information that is present on the main trip page listing all of the available trips to help remind the user of where the trip is located and what passes the trip makes the user eligible for once the work party is completed.

There are several other possible improvements to the description that I did not take into account in these mockups:

The Signup Form
The signup form right now collects information needed to be able to get the bare minimum from users without adding too much overhead.

[New Trip Signup Form]

This is good, but makes it awkward if multiple people are being signed up for a party from a single form. As designed, only one person gets an e-mail rather than everyone signed up to participate. Trail team leaders often add people after the party is over.

[New Trip Signup Form]

The redesigned form allows for additional data collection if extra people are being signed up in addition to the primary user. In addition, this version of the form allows for pulling information from an existing volunteer account. It also streamlines some of the field entries. Other possible improvements include:

After Signing Up
After the user has signed up, the trip page shifts to provide the user more information about their involvement in the listed work party. While most of the page is the same, the calls to action have changed to allow users to view trip agendas and modify their participation in the work party (including the number of people they are bringing to a work party).

[Signed Up Work Party Page]

Volunteer Dashboard
One of the things missing from the current WTA site is a volunteer dashboard that engages volunteers with information relevant to them. This would make a valuable addition to the WTA site for work party participants to help coordinate their schedules and see how much further they have to go to attain WTA's volunteer milestone awards.

[Volunteer Dashboard]

Other possible enhancements include:

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